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About Us

Transformation Christian Church is a gathering of believers under the unity of Jesus Christ. We believe in one God who created all things, his son, Jesus, who died for the sin of all mankind and rose again, and the Holy Spirit who guides each Christian as we endeavor to serve God in this present age.


We receive eternal life by obeying the salvation commands under the new covenant.  Hearing the Word of God convicts us of our lost condition without Jesus as Savior. We must then repent and turn away from our sinful lives. We verbally confess our acceptance of Jesus as Savior and His Lordship. We also obey Jesus’ command for water baptism by immersion. We then are raised from the water to walk in our new lives guided by the Holy Spirit to be faithful unto death.
Our congregation brings together people of divergent backgrounds and beliefs. Now we seek to be Christians only. We have but one goal, to live and serve God according to the truth of Holy Scripture.  We will not mold the Bible to fit our lives, but mold our lives to obey God’s will. It is not our intent to be legalistic or self-righteous, but we do believe that the Bible means what it says, and it applies to our lives today. We want to live our lives, not to conform to the opinions of this world, but to transform ourselves to the service of God. We want our lives to display the words we say. In our desire for Christian purity, we will not say or do anything that would embarrass our God, our families, or ourselves. We will refrain from anything that would inhibit us from presenting Jesus to others by our bad example. None of us is perfect, but we are striving for holiness.


We acknowledge that salvation is not of our own works. All of us have sinned, but we are called to be saints,  and with the help of the Holy Spirit we will strive to enter the narrow gate.   We will not use the grace of God as a license for continued wrongdoing. 


As each member sets aside their offerings for the Lord's Body, we have several goals in mind. First, we take care of our church’s financial responsibilities. We set aside money to assist our own church members when they struggle financially. A percentage of our budget is used to purchase homes for our sponsored children in Haiti. We have partnered with a new church in Cachiman Haiti who is striving to spread the gospel in a physically impoverished nation.  We also have fun with saving our spare change and using the money to buy goats for hungry children around the world. 


Our focus is not on numbers(although we desire to see more people give their lives to Christ), buildings, or programs to indicate success.  We are gathered to glorify God, obey Jesus, and live by the Holy Spirit’s guidance. We value the individual, and desire to encourage each other in an honest walk with Jesus as we try to be salt and light to a dark world.

Heavenly Father's Love Letter

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